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Interesting facts about Malta

05 May 2018

  1. A predominantly Roman Catholic country, Malta has over 360 churches - that is roughly one for every 1.000 residents   
  2. A traditional form of Maltese music is known as Ghana. It is comprised of folk guitar music, usually men, taking it in terms to debate in a sing-song voice
  3. The earliest evidence of human habitation in Malta was found in the Ghar Dalam Cave.
  4. The flag of Malta is simple red and white flag with the George Cross in the top left hand corner.
  5. Malta's Capital City Valletta is named after Jean Parisot de la Valette, a grand Master of the Order of Knights of St. John
  6. The Temples at Ggantija trace back their foundations to a time period before the Egyptian Pyramids.
  7. Malta was earlier known as Melita, meaning the island of honey, by ancient Greeks and Romans.
  8. Malta's Grand Harbour boasts of being one of the best natural deep-water harbour in the world. 
  9. In 1942 Malta was awarded with the George Cross, by king George VI (UK) for bravery
  10. The two main symbols of Malta are the Maltese cross and the Maltese boat

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